Clever Accounting

Become a Clever Accounting Partner

Working with accountants and bookkeepers like you is a big part of what we do at Clever Accounting. Every day we are in discussion with your peers around the world to find the best ways in which to provide you with the best accounting package for your clients as well as for yourselves.

Access to Training

The training we provide will help you and your clients get the most value from Clever Accounting. The training will help you work faster and with more conviction, and it will help you make full use of the important features like reporting, and even simple things like keyboard shortcuts.

Benefit from Financial Rewards

We both work very hard every day to help our customers, but also to earn money. We recognize and appreciate this and which is why we’ll give you 20% of the subscription fee. It gets better. We’ll even throw in a couple of cash bonuses when you reach certain targets, to help your business grow hand in hand with ours.

Help your Brand

There are accountants who provide pirated software putting their clients at risk. Then there are serious accountants like our partners who have taken the time to partner with technology firms to ensure that their clients benefit from the best and most appropriate software solutions. Which of the accountants do you think leaves the best impression?

Get more clients

We have a sales and marketing team that works to get as many start-ups and small businesses to use Clever Accounting as possible. These companies do not always work with accountants and so we forward their business to our partners.

Beyond Accounting, we become your Technology Partner

We care about the well being of our partners’ businesses. We sincerely believe in growing together and believe having a strong technology foundation in your company is very important to efficiency and data security. We can provide you with discounts on other software such as document management systems as well as expert IT consultancy so you may invest in your company’s technology, wisely.

To become a partner or for more detailed information, please apply here.